Fire Workshop know that a nice site is the first touch to the customer.  In order to make impactive websites, we follow the latest trend and technology in the world.

Website Design

We use the most powerful world-class system to build websites.  Many people recognize that a nice website can help to build a good corporate image.  As the design trend is changed a lot in the recent years, many corporate keep updating their web design.  And this reflects a lot about the company.

Shopping Cart

Nowadays, on-line marketing is another trend.  The New startup wants to go off-line from on-line, while the traditional company wants to go online from off-line.  In whatever situation, a shopping cart is almost a must.  We use the most popular system to build shopping carts.  

Data Analysis

In order to understand user's interest, it is important to analysis the user behaviour.  Data analysis is another big area we can make use of it.  This comes out some very hot term, such as big data, data mining, etc.  Whatever it is called, data can tell us a lot of the user, which surely can come out with some marketing decisions which is proved by data.